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Studyply makes a difference

Free events

Free tutoring classes

Fee tutoring sessions run by Studyply's volunteer tutors aimed at making education more accessible

Free study webinars

Online workshops where we discuss best revision techniques, give study advice and answer questions

School Events

Presentations, workshops and speeches with the aim of motivating and helping students

Studyply free tutoring sessions 
To deliver on our promise of making education more accessible worldwide, Studyply runs free tutoring sessions. Our wonderful volunteer tutors work hard to make these lessons as useful as possible to make a real impact on every student.

Study webinars by Studyply
During Studyply's online webinars our tutors share their knowledge and experience on achieving high grades. We discuss different revision techniques, problems faced in school and much more.

School events
We run presentations, workshops and other events in schools. We aim to motivate students and help them overcome any problems they may face during their educational journeys.

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