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Everyone can achieve top grades.

That is our core belief

You do not need to be a genius to have great academic success. It is simply a matter of finding the right method of learning and practicing it consistently.

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What makes us stand out?

Revolutionary teaching framework
At Studyply we developed a unique teaching approach based on active recall. With years of experience and scientific evidence, we successfully managed to integrate only the best ways of learning into our lessons which allows our students to score high in exams. 97% of our students get A or A*.

Expert tutors from top UK universities
Studyply's tutors are trained experts who are passionate about the subjects they teach. Sharing their passion with students boosts confidence, makes learning more effective and helps students find their own passions.

Most affordable prices for the best tutoring online
At Studyply, one of our main missions is to make education affordable. To deliver on our promise, we introduced the lowest prices for the most effective tutoring you can find online.


Inspire and boost confidence of students

Provide top quality tutoring at the most affordable price

Build and prepare the future generation

The inherent problem with education

The current educational system is difficult for students and parents to navigate.

Schools tend to overlook better learning methods, often focusing on less important things, making students unable to make progress.


Many face problems with disruptive classes, sometimes unhelpful teachers and general demotivation as a result of these negative factors.


Studyply's founder Anatoly Safiulov was one of those students. After being disappointed with often mediocre teaching in schools, he decided to share his own way of learning, which helped him overcome academic difficulties and achieve [A*]s.  

Breaking education stereotypes

At Studyply, we strongly believe that every student has the potential for great academic achievements. It is a matter of practice and improvement to open up that potential.

Whether you are a D or an A* student, everyone is welcome to join the Studyply community to develop and improve together. We can help you with a variety of subjects and prepare you for the exams.

Studyply's approach

We believe in the power of active recall based learning. Numerous studies have provided us with evidence to back our claim. Our unique teaching approach has 3 key components. These are: friendly competitiveness; careful organisation and targeted practice.

Our expert tutors are dedicated to helping students improve grades and establish a new, better way of learning based on active recall. We maximize the effectiveness of our lessons by taking our students out of their comfort zone. By focusing on hard questions, we ensure a thorough understanding of the subject and prepare our students for the worst possible exam questions.

We motivate students

In order to make a drastic improvement in your subject, you need to have a consistent learning routine which will allow you to systematically stay on top of things and prepare you for exams. The only way to be consistent with your studies, you must stay motivated.

All of our expert tutors have deep passions for the subjects they teach. Their common goal is to motivate and boost your knowledge, and confidence in the subject.

Our commitment to making education accessible 


Studyply offers the most competitive prices on the web

Top quality

Our expert tutors undergo thorough training to provide quality tutoring

Free events

Studyply also runs free events to improve education worldwide

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